September 3, 1999

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5035.2 4600 Miles
to Bowling Green
5088 from home (199 straight line)

Friday we traveled the short distance from Nashville to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green. This was the stated goal of the journey and the only travel that remains is the relatively short drive home. The NCM 5th Anniversary Celebration has started and there are plenty of pictures here and some real live action via web-cams here and I'll keep my updates going until I'm actually home.

Connecting with traveling companions has yet to go as planned and the change planned for Bowling Green is no exception. This time it is not due to some computer problem or my driving goof. Chris' second grandchild was believed due in about two weeks. News received Thursday says delivery is likely this weekend. No way someone (especially Chris) is going to risk missing the birth of a granddaughter. So I'm once again solo but with little traveling to do.

If anyone cares about the mileage numbers on this page, they come from several sources. For Cincinnati to Chicago and LA to BG, I've used numbers from automatically generated routes from TripPlanner98. Outbound numbers, including mid-points, are from Jack Rittenhouse's 1946 book. The source of the "from" numbers are the odometer and a GPS unit.

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