Day 10: August 30, 1999
On The Road Again



Preparing to depart Rancho Cucamonga. I departed a tad early as the lead car in the Sable Caravan.

Thanks to the Colorado River Corvette Club the Power House was available for a discounted lunch. This included an entertaining sandwich delivery lottery. Personal thanks to Grant for providing chauffeur service to dispose of the Sable. Check out the red beauty that joined us (I believe).

The highlight of my day was getting the Corvette back. Pete & friends at Cliff Findlay Auto Center got the car out ready to roll and looking better than expected in time to pick up Denny R in Phoenix and join the caravan in Flagstaff. Pete's job would have been much tougher or impossible if Robert at Mike's Towing had not invested the extra effort to get the car out of its ill chosen parking place with no additional damage. A lot of deeply appreciated assistance from the folks in Kingman.

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