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The Road The Ride
A source for maps, guide books, and plain old information. The web site also throws in a little inspiration and offers some solid footing. The Federation is the only nation-wide, non-profit organization working to save the entire stretch of Route 66. The end point of the trip and a focal point for all Corvette enthusiasts. Right now, there are plenty of details about the Labor Day Birthday Celebration and the National Corvette Caravan. All this in addition to the usual Corvette information and merchandise.
Entertaining and informative. A nice combination in a nice package. Travel a virtual Route 66 and send virtual postcards as you do. Includes a mile-by-mile commentary that is enjoyable in its own right and seems quite good preparation for a real trip. A web site and organization concentrating on enjoying the 5th generation Corvette. Currently one of the more visible and active Corvette groups with frequent member activities at shows and races. Offers a members only news group style mailing list that is not quite as wild as the wide open news groups and not quite as buttoned down as GM might like.
From Belgium!! A nice site with maps and directions by state. Apparently Route 66 extends a little farther than 2400 miles. Connections to all things Vette. Lots of information here and, if it's not here, it will most likely point you to where it is.

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