Day 12: September 1, 1999
66 No More



An early start with a drivers meeting and door prizes.

Exiting from the Convention Center lot to begin a parade through Tucumcari.

Leaving Tucumcari meant leaving behind this Route 66 landmark. We didn't stay here this time but might on the next trip. I recall reading of a recent owner change with new owners hoping to restore former glory.

A "modern" landmark near Amarillo that I missed on the way out. I say "modern" since the hey day of Route 66 pre-dates the birth of Cadillac Ranch by many years. Here's even a fuzzy picture of me to prove that I'm actually part of this trip and a clever application of Carmine Red touch-up paint to let the next visitors know we were there.

And here's a fuzzy picture of Denny R to prove that he's actually part of the trip and to let Renee know what color the new car is.

Smoke from a fire in the Brick Town area of Oklahoma City. When the traffic jam clears, we leave the smoke, the city, and Route 66 behind. I forgot to get a picture of Johnny's Grill in Calumet where we had lunch as we neared the end of Route 66.. A classic roadhouse and a classic 'burger & fries meal. Recommended.

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