Day 9: August 29, 1999
A Day Off



Santa Monica is the "official" western end of Route 66 pier and, even though I was in a rental car, I stopped by and walked to the end of the pier after parting with John at the airport.

In Rancho Cucamonga, I found a laundromat and now have clean underwear. The official check-in time at the Best Western is 3:00 but they let me in around noon. After a long day and short night I was happy to nap for a bit. When I stepped outside near 5:00 PM, the parking lot was filling with Corvettes.

Ted Sickles, the caravan captain, tried to make himself easy to find and he remained busy throughout the evening reception. This was perfect for meeting old and new friends and having this group around helped with my concern for the trip home.

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