Day 15: September 4, 1999
A Full Day in B.G.



This has nothing to do with Corvettes, Route 66, or much of anything else on this site. When I pulled into the local K-Mart to buy some film, I was greeted to a view of this poor Honda - tires flattened and window bashed out. My first guess was some sort of lover's quarrel or some revenge related episode. The guess by the checkout girls was a stolen car joy ride.

A couple of pictures of the busy C5 Registry tent. A banner is being filled with the signatures of attendees. Hot dogs & soft drinks are available which is something I understand started at Carlisle and appears quite popular. A road tour is planned for Sunday afternoon and a registry dinner is planned for Sunday night. I'll be heading home before either of those occur.

I took in a few seminars but did not do well in the picture taking department. Dave McLellan headlined a panel that included Jim Minneker & John Heinricy. Gordon Killebrew was one of four key members of the defunct Corvette Action Center to participate in a seminar.

I ran into some Cincinnati folks from the Eastgate Corvette Club and accepted their offer to join them for dinner. Nice meal at Rafferty's although we were unable to confirm rumors of high grade baked potatoes. Maybe next time. The picture is from the Drifters show at the museum amphitheater. That's where I headed after dinner.

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