Day 14: September 3, 1999
Short drive - Big Crowd



There's no such thing as a free breakfast in Nashville (It's kinda like LA without a tan.) as we gather before sun-up. The caravan that came from Ohio is in Louisville so this may be the only Corvette with Ohio plates in the Nashville parking lot.

We had anticipated a bumper to bumper crawl all the way to Bowling Green but were happily proven wrong. We moved at what we'll call a "brisk" pace until within sight of the museum and even then, things moved quite well. The north and south groups parked separately and the section between the expressway and Corvette Drive is the only point that the entire caravan passed. One of these pictures is of the car we followed much of the way from Nashville. The other is of some of the Louisville cars.

Here's the trip odometer when we got the car parked. I had estimated 4600 miles. Ha! Not only did the car miss out on the final 500+ miles to and from Rancho Cucamonga but it got a 23 mile ride on a tiltbed. Apparently either mileage estimates or following directions is a big weak point for me. I'm guessing both.

A new section of bricks was put in place for the celebration and I helped.

This is the C5 registry tent. I'll try to get some better pictures tomorrow.

The opening ceremonies included unveiling three 2000 models including both new external colors - Bowling Green & Millennium Yellow. The third car was silver and showed off the new Torch Red interior color. This was followed by delivering 11 new Corvettes to their owners.

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