Day 16: September 5, 1999
Home, Sweet Home



A quick swing by the museum before leaving Bowling Green. The primary reason was to buy the Corvette raffle ticket that I kept forgetting. Before posting this, I learned they had already picked someone else.

That Cincinnati skyline still jumps at me as I round that I-75 hill and it is still a welcome and reassuring sight when returning home.

I stopped by Chris' place of employment and found this shirtless fellow giving forklift operating instructions. A little later, dancing and driving took over.

I noticed that quite a few people were heading into the city as I neared downtown and eventually realized that they were planning a welcome home party for me. Great party, complete with fire works and loud music. It was quite a celebration and I really appreciate it. Cincinnati - what a city.

It was one thing for the city of Cincinnati to note my return with that big blow out but I really didn't expect so much national attention. Here's an article from one of the news services noting some of the negative effects that returning to work, after such a sterling vacation, can have.
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