Day 1: August 21, 1999
The First Step



At the moment, the mission is a little understaffed and is operating on Plan B but it has launched. John is getting things under control at home and I've started moving west. John may get out tomorrow but will most likely help get the work week started on Monday morning. I will then meet him at some appropriate airfield. Here is the sign I saw as I turned the corner of Adams & Michigan. A clock on the next corner read 4:13.

This is the first point after connecting with 66 that I could pull over next to one of the Historic Route 66 signs. The state of Illinois has the trail marked quite well. Kudos. This sign is just before the turn onto Ogden - about 2 1/2 miles from the start.

While John is working in Wilmington, Ohio, I'm dining in Wilmington, Illinois. This is the Gemini Giant at the Launching Pad Cafe.

A collection of pumps & signs in Dwight. Fortunately, I was not desperate for fuel because it seemed to be self service and I doubt I could operate those pumps.

An authentic old station in Odell that the town has taken on as a project. Several members of a family gathering just up the road offered friendly waves as I passed. All this on a stretch of genuine two lane.

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