Day 0: August 20, 1999
Getting in Position - Not



On Wednesday, I bought a new wallet. I was replacing one, received as a gift from my god daughter, Kristen, that I had simply worn out. Kristen gave me a Route 66 cup at the same time and that is still alive and well and should appear in later photos. I "populated" the new wallet on Thursday morning and spent a full day with it. That evening, I was doing the last load of laundry before departure and decided that the jeans I was wearing might as well go in. I did spot the new wallet just before entrusting it to the dryer. On Friday, I bought a new wallet.

I knew it was going to be a busy day including a commitment for a 9 AM phone call with a customer. I needed to be in at least a little before that so, as soon as I possessed a dry wallet, I washed the car. Now seemed like a good time to apply that NCM decal I'd been saving. Just the thing to set me apart from the other 4999 Corvettes in Bowling Green.

The anticipated phone call took place but, when it was over, I found myself committed to a 2:30 phone call. That actually fit into things fairly well. John was at a water park with his daughters and was planning on being home around 4:00 for pickup. I headed home around noon to finish preparations. These included dressing the car.

I had thought that my obligations at work might be a factor but things were looking good. Everything was ready and I put my duffel into my third of the trunk. John and Denny R get the right third. The middle is for the cooler.

Not too long before my second planned phone call was due, John got an unplanned one. Maybe not all hell broke loose but a fairly good sized chunk of it did. He stopped splashing and started dashing and that's where the story is right now. As a seasoned Data Warrior, John was prepared to battle through the dark of night but was forced to suspend hostilities until dawn by the unappealable Powers That Be. We are delayed but not dissuaded. We will yet move west. In the mean time, with no passenger requirements I'm cruising the 'hood in a real SUV.

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