Day 4: August 24, 1999
Oklahoma - OK



Just before Arcadia, this crumbling gas station is believed to have been constructed in the '10s or '20s. A framed document tells of the products sold as well as the story of its demise. It seems the owner bought some counterfeit $10 plates from a Chicago gangster and set up shop in a hidden room. When they were caught, both the printing operation and the gas station were shut down.

Just like Jell-O, there's always room for one more picture of this barn. Now owned by the town of Arcadia, the structure is open to visitors.

This is not associated with Old 66 and we have all seen our share of pictures but once in Oklahoma City I was irresistibly drawn to the site of the federal building bombing. Knowing that this is the result of a deliberate act by a human simply adds outrage to a sense of shock and sorrow. Construction has started on a permanent memorial on the site that is to be complete during the year 2000.

Another visited location with no Route 66 connection is the Brick Town area of Oklahoma City. I really did intend to ask about the name then forgot. I was told that there are 102 taps on the wall and there are at least another dozen, including, cider, on the bar itself. They claim to only have 96 varieties of draft beer so there is obviously some duplication. Guess where I had lunch.

Here is the famous 38 span bridge on the Canadian River. No, I didn't count them all but I did get to ten before the car started swerving and I had to grab the steering wheel.

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