The Cast

The three travelers are John Nawrocki, Denny Redwine and me, Denny Gibson. I will be traveling both directions and attempting to maintain this site. That's me at the far right in the picture from the museum. John is kneeling on the left. He "helped" me get the car home after delivery and will be involved in the west bound part of the trip. My girl friend, Chris, is in the center. She rode with me on that first short drive out of the museum building and will be joining me at the museum (Remember, this place is only 200 miles from home if you don't go through California.) for the Labor Day weekend finale. The other girls in the picture are John's daughters, Kristen (next to me) and Marie (next to John). Following Chris's short ride, they were the car's second and third passengers.

Denny Redwine will be traveling with me from Los Angeles. Since he was not part of the Vehicle Acquisition Team, he gets a separate introductory photo. Denny is pictured with his bright red (as if you couldn't tell) C4 at Bloomington Gold, 1997. With multiple Dennys involved, you may see references to Denny R and Denny G where I think it is appropriate (assuming that I even think of it at all).

These are just a few of the cast members. In featured supporting roles you will see Route 66, as The Mother Road and a Carmine C5 roadster as America's Sports Car. Other cast members are yet to be discovered. There will definitely be many additions before Labor Day is past.

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