Day 6: August 26, 1999
A Short Gallup



Last night I picked up John at the Albuquerque airport. That meant long day yesterday and a late start today. There was also a bit of backtracking to pick up where darkness ended the previous day's exploration. This is in Moriarty where we had breakfast before heading west.

A little road house just a hair shy of Albuquerque. Looks like it's really hopping at night.

A last and lasting view of Albuquerque. This is a view that's almost impossible to capture in two dimensions.

A cold beer and some good conversation with Mike, the owner of this bar that's midway to somewhere. There are a couple of very old stretches of road around here that cross Indian land and provide incredible views.

This was "over the hump" day. We crossed over the continental divide this afternoon. I guess it's all down hill from here. Maybe we'll coast to California.

The end of the day came in Gallup but we could not get into the old Log Cabin Inn. We had to settle for a less interesting but more active business.

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