Day 6: June 13, 2014
Hang On Loopy

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Following Colfax Avenue is basically all it takes to reaching the center of Denver from Bennett. Colfax passes right by the capitol and the Pioneer Monument just a block away at Broadway. Apparently every named auto trail passing through Denver, and the Whiteleys name fourteen, converged at this intersection.

Even with the semi-forced addition of the Colorado Loop to the Lincoln Highway, not everyone in Colorado was happy. The official loop approached Denver from the east through the towns like Hoyt, Bennett, and Watkins. People in Greeley and other towns to the north felt that they deserved a route so the created one. This Greeley Branch was never officially recognized by the Lincoln Highway Association but attracted a quite a bit of traffic. In order to drive all of Colorado's Lincoln Highway associated roads in one visit, I headed straight to the expressway to Fort Morgan as soon as I left Colfax & Broadway. In Fort Morgan, I returned to the intersection I captured yesterday and headed north on the Greeley Branch.

Even the faux Lincoln Highway never crossed this bridge but turned west about a half mile south of the South Platte River crossing. The eleven span Rainbow Arch is still worth a visit and is still available to pedestrians.

Orchard played the role of Centennial in the TV version of James Michener's book. I did not see the show but understand that this gas station and cafe were featured.

There was some dirt road involved but nothing particularly exciting or challenging.

This not-even-on-the-real-Lincoln-Highway marker is reportedly the only marker in the whole state that mentions the Lincoln Highway. It was restored and a new base added in 2007. The inscription appears to be "Prairie Mountain Council of the Qwest Pioneers" but I've found nothing about the group on-line.

My room at the Greeley Guest House is considerably upscale for me but my memory is that I booked it because it was more reasonable than most. It was far from outrageous but maybe Greeley is just a generally upscale place to stay.

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