Day 5: April 30, 2016
Remembering Another Well Lived Life

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Today was JHA tour day and a pickup at the Boots was included. Even though I wouldn't be going on the tour, I as up and snapped a couple of pictures as it rolled one

Debbie Dee appeared just as the bus was leaving and agreed to join me for breakfast. But first we did a little trouble shooting on the internet connection and verified that the problem was in the wireless router and not in the signal from the ISP. The night's rain had been accompanied by lightning so we guessed that might have been the cause. The fact that it was the weekend and the problem in-house, WiFi would probably be absent until Monday. I grabbed my laptop and carried it with me to the nearby Pancake Hut so I could post Thursday's journal page which I did have ready.

I had been completely oblivious to what was above the cash register when we entered and it was behind me as I ate. But when I stood up to leave, I couldn't miss the Chicago Coins Band Box whose twin is in Covington, Kentucky's Anchor Grill on the Dixie Highway. It turns out that the Pancake Hut uses the Band Box in advertising and a picture appears on their Facebook page.

The reason I did not go on the bus tour is that the Celebration of the Life of Laurel Kane took place in Afton, Oklahoma, today. Laurel passed away in January. I shared some of my thoughts in last week's blog post. I took these pictures with my pocket Panasonic and none are very good but they'll do. The cake was uncut when I arrived and I fully intended to get a picture but it slipped my mind until it was too late. Other things also slipped my mind like finding some people I knew were there and who I had every intention of meeting. It wasn't a good day for clear thoughts.

David, Laurel's ex, shared some memories and introduced Marley who will be managing Afton Station. Laurel's daughter, Sarah, can sometimes be a little more animated than her dad. Several other people also shared some memories and it was pretty obvious that Laurel made an impression in a lot more places than Route 66. Even though people who are familiar with the place and care about it will still be operating the place, it's going to look different and, since no one can care about it like Laurel did, her absence is going to make the place feel really different.

I hadn't planned it this way but I ended up being among the last to leave. Most of the cars that had filled the lot when I arrived were gone when I pulled out. Laurel's Chrysler/Maserati TC, driven today by Sarah, sits by the classic pumps with one person (recognized but not named) stands by the "Old Fashioned Tourist Trap" sign. It wasn't just tourists that got hooked here.

I made it back to Carthage for the JHA banquet but didn't take many picture. The food was excellent and the whole event quite enjoyable. The single photo at right is of local actor and former policeman Doug Dickey portraying Carthage businessman and JHA General Manager J.D. Clarkson.

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