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Day 1
Bridges and More

Day 2
More Bridges

Day 3
Reviving and Relighting

Day 4
A Peek at a Life Well Lived

Day 5
Remembering Another Well Lived Life

Day 6
Tulsa Rocks

Day 7
Starting Homeward

Day 8
Blue Sky, Castle, and Chicken

Day 9
Rolling On

Day 10
Musical Memories

May 5, 2016 (day 10)
It was a very cool keep-the-top-up day but I really enjoyed stops at sites associated with Kentucky music legends. At one I found the answer to a 56 year old question.

May 4, 2016 (day 9)
I have driven all of this section of US-62 at least once before but I still saw some stuff for the first time. In addition, I raised my roll reception average to .500.

May 3, 2016 (day 8)
Though the day was a little cool, it was beautiful and I really enjoyed a drive that started and ended in Arkansas with a Missouri side trip in the middle.

May 2, 2016 (day 7)
I began the drive home on a road I've seen before.

May 1, 2016 (day 6)
A sociability run, a great museum, a free concert, and a paid (but not too much) one. It was a darn nice day.

April 30, 2016 (day 5)
Seeing old friends and sharing memories always feels good but accepting that a friend is gone can sure be painful.

April 29, 2016 (day 4)
The conference officially started today with several presentations and the annual business meeting. There was time afterwards to wander around Red Oak II and even meet its creator.

April 28, 2016 (day 3)
Highlights for the day consisted of seeing the next generation bring new life to a recently silenced roadside attraction and watching new light shine on another spot that was also at serious risk not all that long ago.

April 27, 2016 (day 2)
After a night of rain, I quickly crossed a pair of bridges and drove across much of Missouri on divided four-lane.

April 26, 2016 (day 1)
It was a gorgeous day which may have made bridges more noticeable. I photographed four of them and a tree, too.

Prelude - February 28, 2016
Last year I attended my first Jefferson Highway Association conference. It was the centennial of the the original association and the fourth conference held by the modern JHA. I saw some stuff I hadn't seen and learned some stuff I didn't know. I also had a good time so I'm going to do it again. This year it is being held in Carthage, Missouri, which is also a Route 66 town. Carthage is home to the historic Boots Motel and that is where I'll be staying.

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