Boone's Lick Road Locator map

Day 1
No Lick, Just Boone

Day 2
On Boone's Lick Road

Day 3
The Lick and Beyond

Day 4
Going Home

May 28, 2007
Getting home took a little Sixty-Six, some Old National Road/US-40, and quite a bit of I-70.

May 27, 2007
Before I could even finish yesterday's agenda, I found several camera targets in Boonville. I did eventually get to the salt lick then on the Missouri's Madonna of the Trail and Fort Osage.

May 26, 2007
I made it from St Charles to New Franklin then stopped in Boonsville for the night. Some clouds, some sun, and just a little rain.

May 25, 2007
I drove to Vandalia, IL, on Thursday then through St Louis to St Charles on Friday. Besides checking out some spots in St Charles, I made it to Daniel Boone's Home & Grave. Not Boone's Lick Road except for a few blocks in St Charles.

Now here's an outing that has been on the unwritten schedule a couple of times before. The first time was when Kip Welborn was planning his Valentine's Day inspired "Sweetheart Cruise". It being February, I made some wish-washy plans and watched the weather. With snow in the forecast, I officially withdrew on the eve of the cruise but a little snow couldn't stop those Missourians as Kip reported in words and pictures.

Next came Easter with plans for a solo cruise. When I was somewhat planning on joining the "Sweetheart Cruise" I had thought it a comfortable jaunt for a three day weekend. With plans less wishy-washy, it seemed doable in three days but hardly comfortable. But snow again caused a cancellation. In April! It wasn't deep snow but it was real and the snow was naturally accompanied by some rather cold temperatures. When you're driving across two states just to reach the start point, even a little snow and barely freezing temperature can be off putting.

So now I'm going to try again with the three day Memorial Day weekend plus a day's vacation for good measure. Aside from the fact that it seems to be taunting me, I'm attracted to the road because it was a key piece in the National Old Trails Road and it carries a lot of history. I plan on going just a bit beyond the road to check out the Madonna of the Trail in Lexington and I'll probably also make a side trip to Daniel Boone's home and grave. Assuming that it doesn't snow, of course.

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