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Why It's Called Music City

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All Done

November 25, 2007
Not much happening today besides another great breakfast. After that it was pretty much expressway home with only a couple of stops.

November 24, 2007
Start the day with a super breakfast & a touch of the Trace; End it with a night at the Opry; Put a little honky tonkin' in between and you've got yourself a darned nice Nashville day.

November 23, 2007
It didn't take too long to get to Nashville so I had time for a museum before getting in line for the early show at the Bluebird.

November 22, 2007
At the last minute, I decided to take the long way to Nashville. I left Ohio on a ferry and ended the day in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, near the Jefferson Davis Monument. Nashville's tomorrow.

Not long ago, I was planning a drive to Charleston, West Virginia, for this weekend. It's a state capital that is fairly close but in which I've hardly spent any time at all. And there is no shortage of interesting roads in West Virginia. However, Charleston's latitude, and therefore its weather, isn't much different than Cincinnati's. As the date got closer and I realized that it would be very very cold, I switched my target to Nashville. It will still be cold and it might be wet but it will be warm inside the Honky Tonks.

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