Day 4: November 25, 2007
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The Pancake Pantry was my other breakfast destination and almost everything I've read about it mentioned a line to get in. When I got there at a legitimate CST 7:15 there wasn't a line but it wasn't empty, either. As promised, the pancakes were excellent. I chose pecans and the stack came with a cup of warm syrup chock full of them. By the time I finished, a short line had formed which, although it wasn't quite through the door yet, almost certainly would be within minutes.

I made one more pass down Broadway as I headed out of town. That shiny building on the right in where the NHL Predators play. The last time I was here it was the Gaylord Entertainment Center. Now it's the Sommet Center. The "Honky Tonks" are on the left in the next block and the Ryman is out of sight behind the Convention Center.

I turned left at the river, crossed over to I-24, and headed home.

I stopped briefly in Bowling Green to see if there was anything new at the National Corvette Museum. The "NO BURNOUTS" signs are new and prominent. The Selmer reference is to a June incident in which a dragster in a parade veered into the crowd while smoking its tires. Back in September, while we were lining up for the street cruise at the Springfield Route 66 Festival, a tire-spinning driver lost control of his car and became stuck on a raised median. I think most of us in the cruise were mostly amused and sort of laughing at the fool for messing up his car. The signs and their reference put that incident in a very different light.

Inside, the newest thing is the subject of a November Car and Driver article. The article tells about the car's trip to the northern terminus of the gravel Dempster Highway - inside the Arctic Circle! Take that, Jeep.

Although Wigwam Village #2 in Cave City, Kentucky, did stay open year round at least once in recent memory, the normal operation is a winter shut down and that's what is happening this year. According the its website, the Village closed on November 4 and will reopen February. By coincidence, a stack of the latest edition (November 21, 2007) of a free local paper lay by the office door featuring a story about the motel's seventieth anniversary. It has been reported that the unique motel (It's the oldest of the three remaining Wigwam Villages.) is for sale. It sure would be a cool place to own.

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