Day 28: August 23, 2014
All Wonderful Repeats

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Last year, the section of 9 foot pavement nearest Afton had been recently covered with gravel when I drove through the area. On that trip, I turned east on US-60 and didn't make it to this section nearer Miami. I did not drive the narrow road today but it's good to see it's still there. I imagine the nice marble marker provides some protection.

Cars on the Route is looking good and Melba has almost recovered from her trip to Kingman for the festival. Draft beer is now available to drink at those nice new tables.

Since my stay in 2012, the peaked roof had been removed from what was then the Boots Motel and both the original roof line and name returned. The place is looking really cool.

Jane Dipple was sitting with Gary Turner when I pulled up to Gay Parita. Good, I thought as I walked around the fence that surrounds the place, I'll get a picture of the two of them. But I didn't. I had seen Jane in Kingman but missed talking with her. Last night, at Afton Station, we spoke for a few minutes. The three of us chatted for quite a bit on the little porch then, after Jane left, Gary and I moved up to the big shelter behind the station. I never did get that picture. When travelers arrived, Gary went off to greet them and, in the end, I had to settle for a picture of him working on selling a copy of Images of Route 66 and a shot of the empty seats where he and Jane were sitting when I arrived.

I ended my day at the Munger Moss where I parked right in front of my room. Owners Bob and Ramona had attended the Kingman festival and we had exchanged greetings but hadn't really talked. At the motel, Ramona and I talked for quite a while when I checked in and all three of us had a good chat at check out. The check in chat included looking through Ramona's stash of Bob Waldmire drawings and notes and Waldmire notes are often more artistic than some people's paintings. And some burned out light bulbs are more meaningful than others, such as this one taken from the Munger Moss sign and signed by Ramona.

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