Day 27: August 22, 2014
And They Were Rocking in Afton

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I was still rolling when I snapped the picture of the giant bottle at Pop's but I did come to a full stop at the round barn in Arcadia and the remains of the gas station east of town.

Jerry McClanahan has always said to just knock on his door if the gallery next to his home isn't open but I've never actually done that until today. In addition to bunches of Jerry's work, the space contains lots of Sixty-Six memorabilia and most items, both artwork and memorabilia, have interesting stories behind them. Talking with McJerry is always a delight and doing it in his own space even more so.

As I was leaving, Jerry was impressed by the remains of Texas grasshoppers covering the front of my car and even took a picture. We had been talking about cameras and using swiveling viewing screens to get low level shots which is what he did with the bug covered car. I decided I ought to do the same then added a shot of some of the 'hoppers that apparently tried hitching a ride inside the wheels. My doubt had already been growing but seeing the photos makes me even less certain that I'll ever get this thing clean.

It was just last year, on my sixth time stopping at the Rock Cafe that I met owner Dawn Welch. As often happens, and I sure hoped would happen here, the dam may have busted when the streak ended. Dawn was at the Cafe when I stopped today and I enjoyed another good chat.

But then... Just now, when I took a look at last year's visit, there it was. Holy cow! I must really like that shirt.

This picture was taken inside Afton Station. The fellow on my right is Bill Schutter who I'm meeting for the first time but who also has a connection of sorts with last year's drive. My last time in Oklahoma was on my way home from the Lincoln Highway Association Centennial in my 1963 Valiant. That car was put up for sale not too long after I got home and Bill, who lives about forty miles from Afton, bought it. Although there was talk of Bill coming to Cincinnati and driving the car home, other things got in the way and the car was shipped to Oklahoma.

Bill and I have had several telephone conversation, both during and after the car purchase, which made us think we'd like to meet. When I knew for sure when I would be at Afton Station, which Bill has familiar with, I gave him a call and he arrived shortly after I did. He, too, was driving a Miata (his 5th or 6th), and, as expected, we got along quite well. I regret that I didn't know much about the evening's event to pass along or Bill might have brought his wife along and stayed for dinner and the concert. As it was, we got to chat for an hour or so and there's no doubt that we'll do it again. Bill also got to know Laurel and some of the other folks around the station a little better so will most likely stop in now and then.

I won't attempt to explain (or pretend to have retained) the details but, on this evening, the station was home to a birthday celebration with a concert by a band somewhere between 33% and 100% French. See Laurel's post for a more knowledgeable take.

The was as short warm-up set then a break for dinner (great BBQ brisket with all the trimmings). Hard core Sixty-Sixer Jane Dipple, surprised to see all the cars at the station so late, stopped in and I snapped the photo of her and the back of Laurel's head. Also in that picture are Robin (left), who takes care of the Station when Laurel's not there, and Roz Jones (right). Husband Ron is behind Jane. I don't know the fellow in the cap. I'm too lazy to identify the few people I know in the group shots but will point out that I did get a picture of Laurel's "other side" although I don't know the fellow she's listening to so intently.

I believe that's Bill on drums and Jim on bass although it could be the other way around. I'm pretty sure that's Michel on guitar and I'm very sure that he's quite good. I understand that he was really looking forward to playing Bobby Troupe's most famous song on Route 66 and what better place to do it than a former gas station filled with Route 66 memorabilia and classic cars. He was saving it for the closing number and I sadly didn't stay to hear it.

I also missed hearing the results of the dance contest but I think this couple had a pretty good chance.

I failed to get any outside pictures of the nearby Route 66 Motel where I spent the night. I stayed here once before and found the place completely filled on another visit. I was in the "flower room" on that first stay but this time it was the Marilyn room. Yes, that is pink netting over the window, picture, and full-size (maybe) standup cutout.

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