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Day -2
Altered Plans

Day -1
A Day at Work

Day 1
White Water Deluxe

Day 2
A Misty Morning

Day 3
A Little Variety

Day 4
Ending in KY

July 25, 2004
I connected with the section of US-62 that I was on last month so now have now driven about a third of the route. Today went through the middle of Ohio to Georgetown, Kentucky. Barns & bridges.

July 24, 2004
I hooked up with the section of US-62 that I first drove in May and again found it enjoyable. I saw a remarkable museum that I missed before and drove about fifteen miles away from Sixty-Two to check out something a coyote hunter recommended. Ate at an old gas station and ended the day in Berlin.

July 23, 2004
I started down Sixty-Two after a really cool boat ride. Shuffling out of Buffalo wasn't that pretty at all but things got better. The day ended with music on the streets of Warren, PA.

July 22, 2004
The personal portion of this road trip got started today. I decided to stop off in Corning, NY, and stop short of Niagara. The Corning part worked but I ended up going all the way to the falls.

July 21, 2004
A regular work day but the commute was bit nicer than expected.

July 20, 2004
A delayed departure and its complications resulted in an idle afternoon in Williamsport. I hit the Little League Museum, of course.

As recently as a month ago, US 62 held no particular meaning for me. Then I followed it across the Pennsylvania-Ohio line after checking out a bit of US-6 and really enjoyed it. Next, I used a stretch in Kentucky to complete a driving loop and I enjoyed that even more. This 2-and-0 streak prompted me to take notice of Route 62 and realize that it may be the only even numbered US highway to touch both Canada and Mexico. As an even numbered US highway, it must run east and west and it does cover more ground east & west than north & south as it connects Niagara Falls, New York, with El Paso, Texas. Its path on a map is a diagonal slash across the country rather like that of old US-66. Some even numbered US routes touch both coasts and several have one end at an ocean with the other at some inland point. Others both begin and end well inside the country. But US-62 touches no ocean yet keeps right on going just as far as the US of A does.

But this wasn't what made my two drives memorable. It was the road's scenery and its... Well, I guess, its "curviness". I took notice of those two stretches because they twisted enough to be enjoyable without being either a chore or frightening. A map gives the impression that there might be some more bits like this along the route.

It was a business trip that lead to that PA-US Route 62 experience and a similar one is at hand. I had actually thought of visiting Niagara on that earlier outing until eGroup members suggested US 6. Another eGroup member, Russell, expressed a desire to cover all of Sixty-Two and called it "the poor man's US-66". With all that going for it, how could I not plan a US-62 drive from Niagara when an opportunity came along?

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