Day -1: July 22, 2004
Just a Work Day



I'll admit that ball fields, breweries, and boats are fun, but I made absolutely zero progress on my mission. Then it got worse. I started the day with a dumb mistake so that it took much appreciated help from the home office just to get back to zero. That remained the score for most of the day but a break through near day's end suddenly moved things to "almost working" status. Things were actually looking quite promising when I left the plant and that change in tone continued as I headed back towards the motel.

The route between motel and work site includes several miles of PA-14. In the morning, I could sense that I was surrounded by scenic views but heavy fog hid much of it. The fog was now long gone and that scenery very apparent. and included a nice example of some advertising from a Mail Pouch competitor. Even a construction delay didn't seem much of a problem.

At the motel, there was more evidence that my luck had turned. On Tuesday, the Hampton had been filled so I had stayed at their "sister" motel, an Econo-Lodge. Today, I not only got a room but, as the weekly "manager's party" was in progress, could relax immediately with a "free" Yuengling lager. Eventually, I headed out for dinner. I was now only about three blocks from the Bull Frog Brewery so a walk there seemed a good idea. It was. As I entered, I could hear the sounds of musicians readying their instruments. I parked myself on a bar stool near them and it wasn't long before what turned out to be a talented jazz trio launched into their first tune. The group itself was nameless and, although I heard each member's name at some point, those names were quickly forgotten. But all three were very talented and good music, good food, and good beverage made for a very pleasant evening.

I remember frequently reading the Grit newspaper at my grandmother's and, only recently, a friend and I were trying to remember if it was a weekly, monthly, or something else. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Williamsport was the Grit's home town. I also learned that it was a weekly and was founded by Dietrich Lamade who also has his name on the Little League stadium.

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