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Several members of Louisville's Falls City Corvette Club are also staying at the Wigwams. I've never seen so many Corvettes (i.e., more than one) parked among the big cones so I had to snap a few pictures before they left for the day. They're a friendly bunch who tolerated me hanging around their fire circle last night even though I couldn't help with the shortage of wine coolers. Someone (who did pack sufficient beer) is going to be hearing about that for awhile. September 4,1999
Part of the entertainment at the National Corvette Museum was a Drifter's concert. I forget the details but I know there's a real Drifter in there somewhere.

This is where I ate dinner last night and I liked it so much that I came back for breakfast. It's not fancy food but it's quality food at reasonable prices with a very friendly staff. There was some Lambertesque roll throwing going on last night and I'm proud of my current 1-for-1 catching record. This place is on my come-back-to list.

I passed a little time back at the motel before heading toward Bowling Green. I chose US-31W where local traffic, while sparse, encouraged a moderate pace.

In Park City, I dropped in on Belle's Tavern to see if I could spot any changes. There is a new covered picnic area in an adjacent park but I detected no dramatic changes in the tavern. That doesn't mean there were no changes at all. I'm sure the old building continues to deteriorate.

Same with the Modern Cabins at Horseshoe camp. They, too, are returning to nature but are doing it slowly. From near the cabins, the 'O' and 'T' that I assume were once part of a highly visible "HOTEL" can just barely be seen through the trees. They are no longer visible at all from the road.

At the museum, I found a car from Utah with a Route 66 sticker and a strangely modified '54 that I know I've seen somewhere before. And another KSP cruiser, was on display. The Louisville group that I met at the Wigwams told me that they had been escorted all the way by two -- one red, one yellow -- KSP Corvettes. This could be one of those.

I had timed my return to the museum to coincide with a gathering of Caravan Chat Group members that Larry Courtney had arranged. In the nick of time, I learned that the gathering was not at the museum but at the convention center. So away I went. Larry's done a goodly amount of road tripping including Route 66. He and Ray Ehly, Jr., met at the Holbrook Wigwam Village in 2004 by pure coincidence. Larry and I have exchanged plenty of emails but this is our first meeting. The gathering was small but mighty.

When I believed that the Chat Group thing was at the museum, I thought I'd wander over to the official ribbon cutting (for the new section that's been packed all weekend) afterwards. Then, maybe a run to Nashville. It's hard for me to get this close with free time and not drop in on Music City. Returning to the museum for the ceremony wasn't realistic so I just headed down I-65.

My first stop was at The Stage when an almost all girl band was playing. When they wrapped up their set, I checked out a 40% girl band at The Crossroads. And there was this all girl neon sign that I don't recall seeing before.

This no girl band at Robert's Western World was my (almost) new discovery of the night. The Don Kelley Band is pretty much on the rock & roll side of country and they are good. The guitarist is twenty-four. The bass player's a bit older and was introduced as having played with Dottie West, Johnny Cash, and a truck load of other people. I ended up buying a CD; Primarily because of the kid on guitar. Music's a tough business and Nashville's a tough town but I wouldn't be surprised to hear more of JD Simo down the line. Phenomenal! My Mattec coworkers might be interested in knowing that JD's Telecaster has an Amalfitano pickup from Dallas, Texas. He swears by 'em.

This was merely an almost new discovery because one band member wasn't entirely new to me. I kind of thought the drummer looked familiar but thought I might have seen him around Nashville before or that maybe he just looked like somebody else. This morning (I'm writing this on Saturday.) when I saw the CD in the light of day, I realized that the drummer was former Cincinnatian Artie Alinikoff. Here's a picture of Artie from last night and here's a picture from last year when he was a substitute Lemon Piper at Cincinnati's Summer of Love Reunion II. Sorry I missed a chance to say hi.

I was lucky enough to again find Jypsi at the Bluegrass Inn. But once again the three sister's brother was absent. This time he was sick, In 2007 I believe he was out of town. Tonight's sub is the blonde's husband and I believe that's probably who I saw last time, too. Here's a picture of their very good back line.

I believe the gal on mandolin has upped her game in the last two years. Her low hanging instrument and sometimes slashing style of play, caused the phrase mandolin slinger to form in my head. I don't even know if there are other mandolin slingers but, if there are, I bet they don't look like Betty Paige.

Of course, I couldn't ignore Tootsie's. I briefly checked out both the downstairs and upstairs bands before slipping out the backdoor and heading north.

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