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These are pictures from yesterday when I first arrived at the Delta King in Sacramento. I stayed on the King's sister, the Delta Queen, back in July. The boats are very similar -- were once identical -- but there are plenty of differences. The King displays models of both from the days when they were new and providing overnight service between Sacramento and San Francisco. The King also displays its big red paddle wheel to great advantage. A large glass window in a conference/dining room named the Paddle Wheel provides a straight on view of the big red wheel. The wooden grand staircase is very much like the one in the Delta Queen. Take a look at my room on the Delta King here. August 27,1999
After a leisurely drive through the Painted Desert, we stopped in Holbrook, Arizona to look over the Wigwam Village. It was in Holbrook that we discovered a damaged tire and our day ended with a side trip to Phoenix for a replacement. Run flat tires had been introduced on the 1997 Corvette and were still kind of new and scarce. Neither the Chevrolet dealer nor the Goodyear store in Flagstaff was equipped to handle them.

On the way back to Sixty-Six from Phoenix, John drove while I prepared a website update on a Toshiba Libretto with 16 MB memory and 0.8 GB hard drive. This rig ran from the cigarette lighter. The motel we found in Williams didn't permit access to that 888 number but John pieced together a mile long string of digits that made it through the motel switchboard, connected with some long distance service in Ohio, and eventually reached my website. The update was soon on the way at something like 19.2 kilobaud. Maybe less.

This morning, Thursday, I took a fairly early stroll. A pedestrian tunnel provides a convenient connection between Old Sacramento on the river and downtown. The capitol is just a few blocks away.

On the way back, I walked around Old Sacramento a bit. I'm not certain that this is the Hastings building that was once the western terminus of the Pony Express but it does seem to be where the rider in the statue is headed. Old Sacramento has wooden sidewalks like Virginia City although these have parking meters and seem to be more on the level.

I was back at the Delta King in time for breakfast. That's a Delta Queen omelet: ham, cheese, & peppers.

There is a 1928 marker in front of the Solano County Courthouse. The marker and an Historic US-40 sign can both be seen in the second photograph. Historic US-40 signs are quite frequent along this section with most having an "IN MEMORY OF..." sign below them. Some do say "SPONSERED BY...".

I know nothing about this sculpture garden just west of Fairfield except that it's cool.

The picture shows all three Carquinez Bridges. The 1958 and 2003 bridges still cross the strait. That's a piece of the 1927 bridge, demolished in 2006, in the foreground.

In 1928 the Berkeley Pier was three miles long and reached the Alameda County Line to connect with a ferry to San Francisco. It's less than half that long now.

Downtown San Francisco has changed a bit since the heyday of the Lincoln Highway.

The westernmost original 1928 marker and the reproduction terminus marker. I visited both of these last year but can now claim to have driven the Lincoln Highway from one end to the other.

I officially apologize to all those photographers whose picture of the Golden Gate Bridge I claimed were faked. I was convinced that the two ends of the bridge were never fog free at the same time and that pictures showing that condition were composites. Today the bridge and city were clear and lots of folks were in Lincoln Park taking pictures.

I checked into my motel then picked up my son, Crispian, and headed to Cliff House to complete the Lincoln Highway experience. The present structure was built in 1909 although a Cliff House has existed since 1863. Nice sunset and great food.

The Ocean Park Motel opened the same year as the Golden Gate Bridge, 1939, as the first motel in San Francisco. I'd not heard of it before prominent Tulsa Route 66ers Ron & Emily stayed here earlier this year and reported really enjoying it. Thanks for the tip. After dropping Cris off at his apartment, I snapped some pictures of the Ocean Park's neon before going to sleep. My room is here.

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