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Day 1
Dixie Connector

Day 2
Happy Birthday US of A

July 4, 2009 (day 2)
I walked over a couple of bridges and rode a duck. At the end of the day, I had one of the best spots in the city for the birthday party.

July 3, 2009 (day 1)
After a Thursday afternoon expressway run to Knoxville, it was a more leisurely drive to Chattanooga following an old Dixie Highway connector. I boarded the Delta Queen for the first time and am set for a two night stay.

Prelude - July 1, 2009
I never had the time or money to ride the Delta Queen during her heyday and, just as I was approaching retirement and putting some thought into squeezing a ride into the budget, she got grounded. Many (including me) still hold out hope that the Queen will once again go mobile but, for the present, she's moored and stationary in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I'm using the three day Fourth of July weekend to spend a couple of nights aboard her. I'll use Friday to get there and Sunday to get home. In between, I'll celebrate Independence Day in downtown Chattanooga. I'm guessing fireworks over the Tennessee River.

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