On the Lincoln Briefly

Day 1
To the Lincoln

Day 2
To Gettysburg

Day 3
Some Ups & Downs

Day 4
An Empty Spot

Day 5
Another Pot

Nov 9, 2004
Today started with a visit to the LHHC office and ended at the giant teapot in Chester, WV. Kudos to the LHHC for their "200-Mile Roadside Museum". Anyone traveling between Abbottstown and Huntington would do well to invest the $2.50 they ask for the driving guide. Without the guide, keep your eye peeled for those museum displays.

Nov 8, 2004
A stop where the Grand View Point Inn used to be and at the Flight 93 Memorial.

Nov 7, 2004
A little backtracking to see a "really big shoe" then some hill climbing.

Nov 6, 2004
Visits to two former capital cities and a start on the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor. I was quite impressed with my first visit to the Gettysburg battlefield.

Nov 5, 2004
I didn't start in Williamsport and I didn't drive on US-15 and I didn't head directly to York but instead went to Lancaster, a few miles further east than York but solidly on the Lincoln Highway.

The Gettysburg battlefield is near the top of my list of unvisited "must sees" in Pennsylvania and the fact that it is near the eastern end of the state's 200 mile long Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor boosts it even more. I've teased myself with it a little on previous trips but this time I took a serious look. I'll be starting from Williamsport and US-15 leads directly to Gettysburg. I may follow it there but I'm more inclined to take Fifteen only as far as Harrisburg then dash to York on I-83. This would put me a few miles east of Abbotstown, where the Heritage Corridor starts. At the west end, I'll stay with the Lincoln Highway a while beyond the official end of the corridor. Long enough to see that big tea pot in Chester, WV. Getting to the tea pot will also take me a few miles beyond the crossing of US-30 and US-22 so I'll have to head southward a little to pick up US-22 to take me home.

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