Day 1: November 5, 2004
Reaching the Lincoln



My first stop on this trip was at a customer site in State College then I moved on to another customer site in Williamsport. That's where I expected to wrap up the business end of this trip but that was not to be. As things turned out, I returned to the customer in State College on Friday and that's where I went off the clock. So, instead of heading due south on US-15, my first "personal" miles were south-east on US-322.

The drive was quite pretty although I couldn't help thinking about how colorful it must have been a couple of weeks back. Near Lewisburg, US-322 joins US-22 and together they run along the Juniata River. The entire riverside stretch seems to be under construction and, with heavy traffic, photos were out of the question. It looks like the two lane is being converted to a four lane. I doubt that the four lane riverside drive will be as pretty as the two lane version used to be but it will certainly look better than the current chopped up landscape.

The plan that had me driving US-15 out of Williamsport also had me picking up I-83 near Harrisburg and heading straight to York. No only was I approaching Harrisburg on a different road than planned, I was doing it on Friday afternoon instead of the Saturday morning I had anticipated. I decided to make two more changes. One was to head for Lancaster instead of York and add a few more miles of the Lincoln Highway to my drive. The other was to check out a little of Harrisburg rather than bypass it. The three pictures here are from the capitol grounds. The present building replaces one destroyed by fire in 1897. In order to keep the wheels of government turning, a plain box of a building was hastily constructed but it wasn't long before an "elaboration" project started. Somewhere under that dome and behind those columns, a simple rectangular box still exists. That tall monument was erected in 1868 but is not, as I had guessed, a civil war monument. It is a Mexican War monument. The biggest I've seen to that conflict.

I passed the Appalachian Brewing Company on the way to get those pictures at the capitol building and returned there for dinner. As you can see, I had used the last light of the day to photograph the capitol. The brewery is in a ninety year old building (with one section dating from 1890) whose interior has undergone EXTENSIVE renovation. Good Scottish ale, lager, and schnitzel.

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