Day 9: June 17, 2011
At Last the Lincoln
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RoadsideAmerica calls this a Seasonally Decorated Dinosaur. Looks like he's going fishing today. This guy was just up the road from where I spent the night but there are plenty of other dinosaur statues in these parts. The Dinosaur National Monument is just up the road. I stopped at the Canyon Area Visitor Center yesterday but what few pictures I took (of neither dinosaurs nor statues) didn't make the cut. I did learn that the Quarry Exhibit Hall, closed since 2006, is set to reopen in October. As for the place I stopped, "Dinosaur Fossils Are Not Found In This Area".

The current version of US 40 comes to an end at I-80 near Summit Park.

About four miles beyond Summit Park, a half mile departure will bring you to this 1914 bridge. It was built while the Lincoln Highway was going through Ogden so it was ready when the LH arrived in 1915. Big rocks prevent vehicles from reaching it and the sign says "REVEGETATION AREA PLEASE STAY OUT". Vegetation now obscures the bridge from the road so maybe having the bridge eaten by the local foliage is the intent. No vegetation was harmed in the making of these pictures. Both railings are visible from the east side and the embedded pebble text on their tops is still mostly intact. "LAMBS CANYON" on the north and "NEW STATE HIGHWAY 1914" on the south.

The Grub Box isn't a box anymore. It has been replaced by the Magna police station though it looks like the letters from atop the old box are now atop the new sign post. There is a picture of the old box, taken by Sloan Schrage in 2007, here. A painted sign at the corner points to where the restaurant is now. It's on the back side of the building; just a door among several. The food is good but nothing really special. Bet it tasted better inside that tiny Box.

Lots of RV owners tow smaller vehicles to use while their big motor home is parked. Small cars like Civics and Focuses are popular and so are small SUVs. I've even seen Cadillacs and a Hummer. But this has got to be the classiest ride in whatever RV Park it's in.

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