Day 22: June 29, 2014
The Home Stretch

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Breakfast was a cookie and coffee. By the time I approached Lafayette, Indiana, I was ready for something more. The GPS turned up a brew pub that I thought might work for lunch. It turns out the Lafayette Brewing Company is the oldest brew pub and second oldest micro brewery in Indiana and they serve good food (like the Flat Bastard) in addition to good beer. I've photographed this station before but it is only a couple of blocks from the brewery so I did it then, as I worked my way back to US-52, I stumbled upon a frozen custard stand that's been waiting for me since 1932. As a not-even-thinking-about-recovering addict, I naturally stopped. Good stuff. Original Frozen Custard is right across the street from Loeb Stadium (home of the Colt League Baseball World Series) and its parking lot undoubtedly looks inviting. Rather than the standard "violators towed at owners expense" approach, Original Frozen Custard has found a way to handle it that is not only friendlier but eliminates the middleman, too. A twenty-one year old micro brewery and an eighty-two year old custard stand? Lafayette, we need to spend more time together.

This place was named Alexander's Sit-N-Bull and fairly busy when I first saw it in 2005. The sign now reads Flo's Roadside Diner and the old Mountain View is closed and empty.

I was getting into familiar territory and there was little to tug at the camera as I continued on US-52 to just beyond Indianapolis. When a detour sign pointed north, I headed south and climbed onto I-74 to begin the all expressway finale.

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