Day 10: April 1, 2017
Lazy Day

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Being without a car in Kahului is not the same as being without a car in Waikiki and that's a good thing. I appreciate the down time. I spent some of the morning catching up just a little on this journal and some of it just looking over this motel where I've spent very little time. My home on Maui isn't quite as classy as that place I had on Oahu but the Maui Seaside Hotel is certainly alright. My room is quite comfortable and there is a nice pool and views of the harbor. I tried Tante's, the attached restaurant, for the first time today and was impressed. I've had French toast made with banana bread before and thought I knew what I was getting but this version included fresh bananas and would probably make a good dessert.

I spent the afternoon in a nearby sports bar watching basketball. Games deciding the finalists in the NCAA Tournament were played today. Back home the first game started at 6:00 PM. Here it started at noon. I arrived at the Ale House a little before tip off and enjoyed the view in the second picture until half time of the second game. I watched the end of that game in my room. My picks won both games and it looks like I might win some pool money this year. You know what they say about blind squirrels.

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