Day 7: September 30, 2015
Maine Rain

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When I got back to the motel last night, I walked to the lounge for a beer. Following my drive through Acadia, I cruised through Bar Harbor. I guess I should have stopped at one of the many restaurants for dinner but I'd had a sizable lunch in Bangor and didn't feel the urge. In the lounge, I saw the a lobster roll was one of the day's specials so I made that dinner. It was my first and, although I'm sure it was not the best lobster roll ever made, it was quite good. When the roll and two beers were gone, I walked back to my room. Five minutes later, the rain started. I would continue for twenty-four hours. The picture was taken from the door of my room about 7:00 AM.

I was behind on this journal and had lots of pictures from the cog railway ride so made good use of the stuck-inside morning. The rain never stopped but its intensity did vary throughout the day. I headed to the lounge during a light period around noon and only got a little wet taking the picture of the signs. Inside I enjoyed some of that first place chowder.

Both rain and wind were often heavy throughout the afternoon. The picture was taken a little after 1:00 when the wind was light and the rain medium. Power went out an hour or so later and was off for about two hours. Weather radar showed the rain ending after the current batch passed. About 5:30. when the rain appeared to be really slacking off, I drove several miles away for dinner. By the time I was ready to drive back, it had slowed to a drizzle and finally stopped an hour or so later.

Since this and the previous panel have the only exterior shots of Jasper's Restaurant and Motel that I'm likely to post, I'll just go ahead and show the inside, too.

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