Halving the Remainder

htrvnhmThere are currently six US states I have not visited. Over the next week or so I expect to cut that in half. Three of the six, Alaska, Hawaii, and North Dakota, are going to take a fair amount of planning and effort to reach and I don’t know when or even, with any certainty, if that will happen. The others, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, are much closer to me as well as to each other and I have just started a drive that should get me to the capitals of all three over the next several days. I have no meticulously prepared route or schedule but I know roughly where I’m going and have a few stops in mind.

The journal for the trip is here. This entry is to let blog subscribers know of the trip and to provide a place for comments.

10 thoughts on “Halving the Remainder

  1. Your September 25, 2015 breakfast in Westfield’s Main Diner had me wishing I could read all the signs above the counter. Your interior photo showed a tantalizing glimpse of what was available, but I felt grumpy because I couldn’t see more. Then I checked to read how “the rules are clear,” and magically my attitude adjusted.

    • I’m glad that you got your attitude properly adjusted before Diner management had to invoke the rule (“Be good or be gone”) centered on the wall behind the counter.

  2. The Fort Ti shoemaker is my nomination for your artsy-craftsy photo of the year. The open window shows one pane of hand-made glass of a couple of centuries ago, and the outdoor light hits the indoor worker in all the proper places. Ansel Adams himself would undoubtedly switch to color film (probably Kodachrome 64) to try to duplicate your prizewinning shot.

    • I’m glad you like the picture and I’d really like to take full credit for it but the truth is I had a lot of help. I fed four versions of the same image into some HDR processing at +1, +2, and +3 stops. Adams probably wouldn’t need such trickery, even with color, and I’m sure he would have at least waited for the guy in jeans to clear
      out before taking the picture. A sincere thanks, however, for noticing.

  3. I noticed that you traveled through Kane, Pa. Brought back memories (only one) of my time there over 70 years ago. My one and only memory was a sign over the road entering that said: ‘Welcome to Kane – – – The Icebox of The World’ ! I was too small to remember much more, but that sign always remained in my memory – – – it was COLD there. I’ve been following but not commenting – – – finally retiring at over 79. Been busy planning on traveling more for fun – – – no more buying airplanes.—later, john

    • That’s something I didn’t know about at all. Wikipedia says it used to be called “Ice Box of Pennsylvania” (now it’s the “Black Cherry Capital of the World”) so maybe that banner was attempting to expand the claim or maybe your young mind translated Pennsylvania to World. Ether way, thanks for teaching me something new.

      What? No more cross country airplane tows? Good luck traveling for fun. I’m betting you’re going to like it.

      • Yeah Denny, no more airplane tows!! Last one I bought was close by at French Valley Airport (near Temecula, Ca.) and I rented the hangar so didn’t have to move it – – – yet!! Bought a motorhome so the wife can enjoy some of the places I have been. Maybe we will still cross paths. I still remember the archway entering town saying ‘The Icebox of the world’ – – – but at about 5, it could easily have said ‘of Penn.’ I do remember it was cold and we were only there about a month. Some kind of emergency repair on a natural gas line . . . and then we went south. Funny how your travels bring things to mind, long ago forgotten. And you are the very best at finding really nice motels – – – something I never learned! I’m just waiting on you to take the ‘Ghost Hunt’ all night tour of Mansfield Reformatory! Now that would be a story I would love to read.—j

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