Day 4: October 10, 2011
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I started the day by walking down to the beach to make sure the sun came back.

Then I headed south to the beginning of US-50 but before heading west, I strolled up to the boardwalk. I have read that this is the official terminus but the first sign actually on the route is at the beginning of the Harry W Kelly Memorial Bridge.

Some sort of car cruise had taken place over the weekend and, although I never saw any large organized group, I did see the occasional classic car and a whole bunch of "Welcome Cruisers"signs. In fact, I'd just seen the '47 Ford in the bridge picture parked near the boardwalk so can provide a better view of the trunk lid art work.

I was rather disappointed in US-50 east of DC. Much of it is pleasant enough but it's all divided expressway and not particularly scenic. After crossing the impressive Bay Bridge, it even quits being pleasant.

Although I have plenty of complaints about my current GPS, it does do a good job of identifying turns and guiding you through them. One way it does this is by advising you on which lane to be in. Lanes you should not be in are greyed out. The last picture shows the lane recommendations as I approached I-495.

Almost all of my complaints about the GPS relate to how it handles pre-planned routes. None involved malfunctions -- until today. Today right in the middle of our nation's capital, the thing had a mental meltdown. It showed my position and the names of some nearby streets and such but it didn't show the actual streets. It didn't show my route, either, and it quit talking to me. Maybe shouting "traffic ahead" over and over wore it out. It returned to life after I removed it from the cradle and left it powered off for a few minutes.

I was very ambivalent about even stopping in DC but did so briefly when I snagged a parking place on the mall near the Sculpture Garden and decided to take a peek. There's some pretty cool stuff in there.

I stepped out into the mall to grab pictures of the capitol and the Washington Monument before heading south to my motel.

I'd picked a motel near Alexandria because of the third element in the original trip plan. One item was the train ride, another was the Dirk Hamilton concert, and the third, now named for the first time, a Stephen Stills concert just two nights later. The attraction was not so much Stills as his opener. That would be Ohioan Josh Hisle who I wrote of about a month ago in this blog entry. The show was sold out and, although Josh knew he had some guest privileges, this was the first show of the tour and he wasn't quite sure how all that worked. So I thought I would get to see him and it was the nudge that really got this trip rolling but I wasn't 100% certain until Josh called about 4:30.

I headed over to the Birchmere to watch Josh's "debut". Debut isn't at all the right word, I know. He's been performing a long time and with some of the big boys, too. But this was his first time as a supporting act at this level. He started out a bit nervous but the talent and hard work came through and he turned in a very good and very well received performance. People who had no idea who he was do now and most liked what they heard. Josh definitely connected on several occasions.

I got the outside picture before the show and the inside one during a potty break between Stills' two sets. They're all I have and I feel like a real dufus. There were signs all over about no cameras and no cell phones and I fell for it. Yeah, there were lots of cell phones around but people were using them to text or call their buddies. Then, after Stills came on, at least a dozen folks held aloft devices with bright screens and blatantly snapped away. Am I really that old?

Sorry I got no pictures of Josh on stage but I can report that the tour is off to a great start. Josh has been saying he really wants to get the first two shows -- which are back to back -- behind him. He's halfway there and rolling.

ADDENDUM: Oct 15, 2011 - Thank goodness not everybody was as wimpy as I was and someone got some video of Josh's part of the show. The video, of the quite new Still In Love With You, jumps around a bit at the beginning but soon settles down. I think it sounds and looks pretty good all things considered. It's here.

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