Day 8: December 29, 2014
A Day in Marathon

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It was just a short walk to breakfast and a seat at the counter where I had a good view of the grill. As I ate, the owner was chatting with a woman next to me and I got included in the conversation. Among the stories and jokes was the tale of a fellow who, after staring at the walls for some length of time, shared his revelation with his wife. "That's why they call it the Wooden Spoon," he announced proudly.

I took a bit of a stroll after breakfast and snapped pictures of a couple local landmarks...

...followed by some daytime shots of home base.

I eventually got in the car and drove all the way to the Dockside Tropical Cafe (1.5 miles away) and even the 7 Mile Grill (3.2 miles away). I stopped at another bar but it was closed so all I got was a picture of what Roadside America calls the World's Largest Angel Fish next door.

A lack of planning found me at sundown with few ideas of where a clear view might be found and no time to get there anyway.

I intended to eat at another restaurant tonight but as I sat at their bar and read the menu I found myself wanting to head back to Brutus's. So I did. This time, however, I ate outside. Shrimp for dinner every night is good for you, right?

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