Day 9: December 30, 2014
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This morning I walked the other direction to a different restaurant for breakfast then ordered the same thing as yesterday.

I headed north with a fair amount of reluctance and when I got caught by the Snake Creek draw bridge didn't hesitate in turning around to take a break at Wahoo's at Whale Harbor. The harbor area seemed to be about as much aviary as fishery.

I'm thinking this might be the southernmost point signed as Dixie Highway but I'm not guaranteeing that.

It looks like the entrance to Coral Castle was once between these two pillars and directly off of the Dixie Highway. I didn't tour the castle today but I did back in 2008.

These cabins caught my eye on the drive south and today I pulled over to snap a couple of pictures. I now regret not digging a little deeper. It was a little early to stop for the day but I did consider it. I stopped for gas just a few miles up the road and fired up the phone while I filled. I found next to nothing on the internet so decided to give the motel a pass. It's nagging at me though. The Kent Motel sign is basically unreadable in that first picture so here's a better look.

I survived Miami traffic to land at a Motel 6 in Lantana. I did some online restaurant shopping then headed out for dinner. The "LOT FULL" sign was up and groups of people were waiting around the doorway of my first choice so I turned back for my second. On the way the GPS turned up a candidate that I hadn't seen online. The GPS called it Grumpy Grouper (which is why it was a candidate) but it was obviously now called Benny's. I did a quick online check (guess I'm finally getting into this smartphone thing) and decided this was just what I was looking for. Not only was it the right place, it was the right time. It was lobster night and various whole or tail specials were available. My meal, with in-house made mac & cheese, green beans that hadn't been cooked to mush, and an eaten-before-the-picture salad, was $14.95. Local craft beer extra.

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