Finding It Here

The goodies at right are what Oven Master Mary calls “a few cookies”. They certainly added some color and sweetness to a gray first day of my 2016 Christmas Escape Run. That first day ended in Athens, Ohio, and is now posted. The next two nights will be spent in Burr Oak State Park near Ohio’s version of Rim of the World. 

The journal for the trip is here. This entry is to let blog subscribers know of the trip and to provide a place for comments.

2 thoughts on “Finding It Here

    • You’re right. I like to use some sort of image from the trip for the background on Christmas day. When I do that, I also allow the page content to be moved over the background so it’s at least possible to move text away from a particular bit of background interference. In this case, however, that really isn’t enough. I believe the real problem is that I am breaking in both new hardware and software on this trip and simply failed to get the background light enough. I’ve lightened it up by half and hope that helps. Thanks a heap for the feedback and Merry Christmas back at you.

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