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Madonna Day

Day 2
Sign Day

April 26, 2009 (day 2)
There's very little reporting from me today. That's partly because there wasn't a lot of travel and partly because the travel areas were more or less familiar to me and my photo shooting instincts were dulled. The target and clear highlight was the American Sign Museum. The great weather continued through the end of a fun cruise that was sometimes in my backyard.

April 25, 2009 (day 1)
We took in a "Walk of Fame" and two Madonnas along with a 170 year old bridge. Plus, between eating at two roadhouses separated by a century, we toured one long retired and retraced a stage coach route. Sunshine and summer were everywhere.

Prelude - March 19, 2009
Back in April of 2007, a few members of the American Road Magazine Forum got together for a little drive on pieces of the Dixie and Jackson Highways in Kentucky. It was great fun and we figured we might do something the next year, too. There was much talk of an outing on the National Road between the Illinois and Indiana Madonna of the Trail monuments but no acceptable date could be found so it got "postponed". Talk surfaced again in the fall but finding an open date was again a problem. Over the winter, following a visit to the American Sign Museum by a few members, the possibility of working it into a road trip was discussed. We moved the National Road cruise one, one Madonna to the right and planned a drive from the monument in Richmond, IN, to the one in Springfield, OH, then tacked on a drive to Cincy and the museum. We'll be visiting the Madonnas on Saturday April 25 then, after an overnight in Lebanon, OH, looking over that big collection of neon & gold leaf on Sunday.

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