Day 27: July 12, 2016
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I reached a construction site almost immediately today but it wasn't very long.

The mildly unusual looking bridge in the first two pictures is on the Stikine River. The picture of the bridge over Tsaybahe (Willow?) Creek shows its wooden deck. In between is a glimpse of Kinaskan Lake.

Just some more scenery.

A short time before these pictures ere taken, I pulled into one of the turnouts to take a break. I walked around a bit then decided to see if I could learn what those mountains on my right were. As I looked over the pull-out map from the Milepost, a van pulled off the road and past me by a few feet. It stopped, backed up, and the passenger side window rolled down. I rolled down my own window and expected a question I couldn't answer. Instead of a question, I got some input triggered by the fact that a back panel of the map looks an awful lot like the cover of the book/magazine itself. "She says you're supposed to be on page 290," I was told with a gesture toward a lady in the back seat who held her own copy of the Milepost. "She's following along on every page."

The van moved on and eventually I did too (They were the Coastal Mountains.) and in time caught up with the van. When they stopped, I pulled beside them. "Bears", the driver said to explain the stop. "One on each side of the road." I hadn't seen a thing but as we talked, one of the bears walked onto the bridge and looked straight at me with what I've no doubt is a mocking expression. The women in the van exited to take pictures and I, after grabbing a couple of shots myself, moved on. The second bear was waiting just a few yards down the road but I barely got one picture before it scurried into the woods.

In New Hazelton, British Columbia, the friendly owner of Robber's Roost put me in a kitchenette room because, when asked, I said I preferred the first floor. She also gave me some ideas on local places to visit.

The suggested sights included the Hagwilget Canyon Bridge and the others were beyond it in Old Hazelton. The rain didn't help in photographing the bridge and I've combined photos of both crossings here. The first was taken on the way to Old Hazelton; The others on the way back. I've no doubt that the 1931 single-lane suspension bridge is very picturesque when dry and not involved in a repair project. Tripadvisor users rate it the #1 thing to do in New Hazelton.

One of the museums I was interested in is in the library building next to the full-size riverboat replica. I only got to see its door.

The museum at Ksan Historical Village (#2 at Tripadvisor) was open though no pictures are permitted. Entry into the longhouses is part of a tour which I decided to skip.

The third place the helpful hosteler mentioned was Kispiox where more and older totem poles are located. A couple of interesting bridges are along the way including a wooden one partially covered in sheet metal.

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