Day 28: July 13, 2016
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You know you want to see this. It's the World's Largest Fly Pole in Houston, British, Columbia. It's real big with a big reel, too.

Today's drive was mostly through scenic countryside on good roads with moderate traffic, an occasional pedestrian, and spotty rain.

When I started judging where I might end up tonight, the town of Jasper looked like a definite possibility. I certainly liked the town and food and beverage weren't at all over priced but the price I'd paid for my room there was one of the highest of the trip. I wanted to avoid repeating that and started looking east and west from Jasper. I found a promising motel about a hundred miles west of Jasper in the town of McBride. There were actually two motels in town that fit my criteria plus I recognized the town name. A friend named McBride has some friends who passed through here just a few years ago and mentioned it to him. He mentioned it to me.

The Bell Mountain Motel is a true mom-and-pop (I met them both.) and very well maintained. I'm in room #18 and I do not know what's behind the green door. The owners turned me on to a great place to eat. I knew where it was as soon as they mentioned it because the ign/tree trunk is the first and biggest thing you see approaching McBride from the west. Good thing, I suppose, since the Gigglin' Grizzly doesn't seem to have any other form of identification.

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