C2C2C (Ohio Corner to Corner to Corner) at DennyGibson.com
Corner to Corner to Corner
C2C2C (Ohio Corner to Corner to Corner) at DennyGibson.com

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The Target

The Unofficial Ohio State Highways Web Site. John Simpson maintains this collection of detailed and accurate information on Ohio's Highways. There are goodies here I found nowhere else.

ADDENDUM: Sep 15, 2012 - Actual maintenance of the site ceased some time ago and eventually its host, Prodigy.net, completely dissolved. Because the information it provided was unique and I thought it valuable, I have taken the unusual action of substituting the address of an archive of the site from 2008. There is, of course, no assurance of how long that will remain valid.

The mid-point of the trip and the closest thing there is to a justification for it.
Official ODOT site with a truly prodigious amount of information. Includes weather, maps, and construction sites. Has an area called "Ohio Byways" that I'm sure I'll find useful on other weekends. Lots of Cleveland links, news, etc. Includes a live camera trained on the exterior of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with updates every minute.
Jeff & Nadean Traylor serve up some of the best Ohio back road info around. Three Buckeye-centric books have been followed up with the Ohio Historic Highways video series. This stuff is so helpful that I had to mention it here even though I can't point to a web-site and the books are currently out of print. Get the videos or learn more about them at:
   The Great Ohio Roundabout
   3553 Troy Mills Road
   Willard, OH 44890
Another monument to Rock & Roll. This one bankrolled by Microsoft's Paul Allen. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to visit there last fall and that helped up the priority on a visit to my home state's Rock & Roll showplace. It's not in Ohio but it is on the Key West/Seattle C2C2C route waiting for another day.
A photo tour of a state road with a famous name.
C2C2C (Ohio Corner to Corner to Corner) at DennyGibson.com

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