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Day 1
Train's On Time!

Day 2
Cold Day, Hot Night.

Day 3
Riding with the Kids

April 10, 2016 (day 3)
The train pulled out of DC right on time and was less than an hour late at Cincinnati. That's pretty good as far as I know. My car was filled with high schoolers who took a short cut in Ashland.

April 9, 2016 (day 2)
It was a good day to stay inside and the Smithsonian has plenty of places where doing that is more than worthwhile. I picked the National Museum of American History. I spent the evening watching Willie Nile and company tearing it up from ten feet away.

April 8, 2016 (day 1)
Not only did the train arrive this time, it was on schedule and it remained so all the way the Washington. I even had a window seat all the way and captured lots of underexposed, out of focus, and blurred images.

Prelude - April 7, 2016
In case anyone is wondering whether I'm a pessimist or optimist, this should resolve the question. In 2011 I booked passage on a train to attend a couple of concerts in Washington, DC. The train was canceled a couple of days before the scheduled departure. In 2014 I did it again and the train was over four hours late which played havoc with my DC arrival plans. A few days ago I purchased yet another train ticket to DC. This time it is to see Willie Nile at the Hamilton. Wish me luck.

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