Day 1: April 8, 2016
Train's On Time!

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Yes, 2:30 AM really is early in the morning and it's more than sufficient leeway for a 3:27 train. It's surprising how quickly I can reach Union Terminal when the roads are empty. The train arrived on time and it's a wonderful thing.

I'm traveling light with no DSLR. All photos will come from the Panasonic DMC-ZS40. That's a convenient excuse for poor pictures but, as you'll see, I'll find others, too.

I've often thought of setting up a tripod and getting a nice sharp pictire of Cincinnati in lights on the Convention Center. This isn't it.

I took quite a few pictures as the train rolled through the countryside but all were rather horrible. A rocking train, dirty and scratched windows, and mostly overcast skies all contributed. Here are a couple to show I tried. The first is the capitol dome in Charleston, West Virginia, and the second is, I believe, part of Kanawha Falls a few miles east of Charleston.

The train passes through several fairly short tunnels but I only took a picture of one. The others look about the same.

Several Washington landmarks can be glimpsed as the train pulls into the city. After failing to capture the Jefferson and Washington Monuments, I snapped a picture of the capitol dome. Inside Union Station, repair of the damage caused by the 2011 earthquake continues and the restaurant in the center of the main lobby is closed and under wraps. Before boarding the subway, I stepped outside for another shot of the capitol. Scaffolding remains as the restoration project reportedly enters its final phase.

I checked into the hotel and immediately headed to a nearby brewery for dinner. Mighty fine food and beverage were had at the District Chophouse & Brewery.

I am again staying at the Hotel Harrington. I stayed here in 2014 during its centennial year. It is now 102 years old and outrageously priced but not nearly as outrageously priced as other hotels in the area. Located between the Capitol and the White House, it's in a great base for exploring Washington landmarks and it is also close to Saturday's concert venue.

In 2014 I stayed in one of the cheapest and smallest rooms in the hotel. This year I dawdled and those rooms were gone by the time I booked. I had to move up a notch but the rate is only slightly more outrageous. This time I have two tiny rooms instead of one and two baths as well. Looky here.

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