Day 3: April 29, 2007
Tanks - A Bunch
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Wigwam Village #2, Cave City, KY In the cool of the morning, a noble road warrior sits before his lodge recording the past day's adventures while readying himself for those of the new day.

Munfordville , KY Munfordville , KY I didn't have enough of a plan for Sunday to even call it vague. At the end of the day I needed to be home and that meant north. So I started home with a left turn out of Wigwam Village onto US-31W. We had driven most of this road yesterday and I've driven all of it at least a time or two. In Munfordville I stopped to photograph a ghost sign I had passed at least three times in recent memory. Even now I had to come back for the photo after spotting it as I again drove by. Then, while turning onto a side street to again become north bound, I read a couple of historic markers at the corner. One told of the Thelma Hawkins Stovall (for whom a nearby riverside park is named) and the other told of this nearby 1810 inn built by Thomas Munford. Thomas' brother, James, provided the land the town is built on and it is James that the town is actually named for. Andy Jackson stayed here on the way to his 1829 inauguration.

Bonnieville, KY Bonnieville, KY This area seems like it ought to have plenty of good locally owned breakfast spots but I had been kind of disappointed in the past. Today I found a place worth coming back to. Parking was a bit of a problem; Not because there was no space but because the patterns worked out by the regulars wasn't all that apparent to me. I ended up parking in the back to avoid parking illegally or taking an important patron's favorite spot. Inside there was good coffee, properly cooked home fries in chunks, freshly baked fluffy (not flakey) biscuits, and a $6 something bill. The Bacon Creek Cafe is in Bonnieville.

I could hear a train approaching as I stood outside taking the picture of the restaurant. Before I had figured out where the tracks were, it rumbled by right at the back edge of the parking lot. We were both heading north and I was soon beside it with the train's clickety clack bringing back some memories. But they were pretty old memories. It had been a long time since I've driven for any distance with a freight train just a couple of "lanes" over.

Fort Knox, KY Patton Museum, Fort Knox, KY Patton Museum, Fort Knox, KY Patton Museum, Fort Knox, KY Patton Museum, Fort Knox, KY I continued on US-31W mostly because I had no reason not to. Somewhere along the way, I noticed a sign for the Patton Museum and that decided my next stop. I've been by the museum but had never stopped. Today seemed the perfect opportunity. The museum is in the town of Fort Knox and that first picture is of the Fort Knox Bullion Depository. It was taken on the fly as I suspect stopping for pictures isn't recommended. The car is the 1939 Cadillac Patton was in when he was fatally injured. After the accident, the car was repaired, although with not exactly the same parts, and returned to service for a few more years.

I asked a gal in the gift shop about the several food service areas set up throughout the museum. They were for some nighttime event, I was told. "The generals and stuff". The sign at the left of the picture says "French Bar" below the arrow.

There are tanks inside but the big stuff is outside. And there is quite a bit of it. Most of the tanks are examples of models no longer used but not all. In fact, a recent addition is this Stealth Tank with advanced technology that makes it nearly invisible.

Corydon, INS Corydon, INS Corydon, INS Corydon, INS Corydon, INS Corydon, INS After Fort Knox, I headed toward Corydon, IN. I recall once heading there but not quite making it for some reason and figured this would be a good day to finally get there. The drive itself, over KY-1638 and IN-135, was enjoyable and Corydon extra so. Corydon was Indiana's first capital (1816-1825) and both the capitol building and the governor's home remain and are open for tours. That item sitting on the mantle is not a clock. The painting on it's front makes it tax-free art rather than a taxable timepiece. The next two interior shots are of the cozy chambers for the ten member senate and the representatives' chamber. That's my guide, Karen, in the floor of the house of representatives. All of the windows look wavy & original but when I commented on it I learned that they are all modern reproductions. All, that is, except for those above the main entrance.

Corydon, INS Emery's Ice Cream is also to be found in Corydon. I passed it on the way in then returned for a couple of scoops of Key Lime Pie (yes it does) Ice Cream before leaving town.

Ohio River Scenic Byway in Indiana Ohio River Scenic Byway in Indiana Ohio River Scenic Byway in Indiana Corydon isn't exactly on the river but the Ohio River Scenic Byway does pass through it. I took the byway out of town and followed it to the Ohio line. This is fairly familiar territory to me so I didn't grab a lot of photos. However, I couldn't resist taking another picture of Louisville from the park that I'm pretty sure was built for exactly that purpose.

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