Day 6: June 9, 2015
Nitro to Nitro

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I had no idea that Fairmont was home to some highly prized hotdogs but, as soon as I made my presence known on Facebook, a friend let me know about Yann's Hot Dog Stand. A little checking on line revealed a passionate and sizable following for the quirky place. I left town way too early for Yann's to be open but I drove by anyway. It's fairly easy to find. Not because it is well marked but because it's right next to a big bridge. The only markings are some words in the windows and you have to look real hard to see "DELICIOUS HOTDOGS". I can't imagine myself driving back here for a hotdog but the praise of the faithful is pretty convincing.

I also found praise for another local spot on the internet. Praise for McAteer's lacked the religious fervor of that for Yann's but it was pretty strong and French toast suited my 7:30 appetite much better than a chili-dog would have.

Unlike most of my trips, the destination was more important than the route on this trip. For the most part, I simply let the GPS decide how to get there which meant my east and west bound paths were almost identical. The biggest difference occurred west of Morgantown. No doubt influenced by my end of day motel hunting and restarting in Fairmont, Garmin sent me home on US-50 rather than back along I-70. Fifty passes through the scenic area between Clarksburg, West Virginia, and Athens, Ohio, largely as divided 4-lane.

In Athens, evidence of last November's fire is still very apparent. The fire started a few doors from Jackie O's BrewPub and Public House and both were closed temporarily. The smaller BrewPub was furthest from the fire and reopened quickly. The larger Public Room remains closed. Tuesday is a special day at Jackie O's. $2 will get you a pint of nitro powered O'Hooleys Irish Stout or a shot of Jamison. I passed on the Jamie but did take advantage of the bargain O'Hooley's.

Between Athens and Chillicothe, US-50 is pretty much a 2-lane highway.

Chillicothe's Sumburger Drive-In had been the subject of a recent text exchange with a friend and I did go a few miles off Fifty to pay it a visit. Because the booth-side telephones had been a topic of that conversation, I ate inside to verify they were still there. Of course they are. Why wouldn't they be? It's essentially the same system as used for ordering from a car with a wired telephone in place of the pushbutton speaker. It's just different and quaint enough to be slightly cool.

US-50 pretty much remains two-lane all the way to the suburbs of Cincinnati. It passes through some small towns and there can be a little traffic but much of it is just trees and guard-rails.

I've done this before. I've had a beer at Jackie O's then driven US-50 to have a beer at the brewery that took the name of the road for its own. There seems a certain balance to it and today I was able to follow my nitro driven O'Hooleys with a nitro driven Roam Pale Ale.

Had I completely left the routing up to the GPS, I'd have left US-50 several miles ago and headed more directly home. But has anyone not guessed that I had this stop at Fifty West Brewing in mind from the moment I left Jackie O's? A bit of manual intervention was clearly justified. But now I'm done and heading home. Willie, it was worth every mile.

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