Day 3: June 6, 2015
A Slower and Shorter Day

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For obvious reasons, I woke up a little later than usual but still managed to get to Sunset Landing a little before 9:00. It was a little too damp to sit outside and eat by Deal Lake but, even inside, my omelet was quite good.

Back at the motel, I spent a few hours putting the day's journal page together. There were lots of pictures to sort through and edit and writing what I wanted about my Stone Pony indoctrination took some time. And it's just possible that I wasn't operating at top efficiency.

Finally, about 3:00 PM, I got the page posted and walked over to the boardwalk. What a difference a day makes. Being Saturday meant more people could come to the beach and the sunshine meant that more wanted to. I walked to the casino then back to the convention hall where I spent some time studying things over some rum and pineapple.

I spotted "Creators of S.O.A.P." and wondered that a monument to a TV show would be placed by the ocean but soon realized my error. This is a monument, slightly more readable here, to the creators of the Sound of Asbury Park.

When I first reach the boardwalk, I saw a man, in a definite "coals to Newcastle" moment,carrying pieces of driftwood toward the beach. Later, as I was walking back from the casino, I saw the driftwood lying on the beach as workers arranged rows of folding chairs to face it. That's when the first picture was taken. Yes, the gal in the white dress should have given it away but I didn't catch on until the scene in the second picture began to take shape. It's a lovely seashore wedding. BYOD (Bring Your Own Driftwood).

I suppose when I decided to attend the Tramps Like Us show, I was thinking it would give me some sense of what it might have been like in the days when Springsteen prowled the Stone Pony stage. The Tramps, who have been called "The World's Foremost Springsteen Tribute Band", would be recreating the last of Springsteen's 1984 Meadowland shows. It didn't work. These guys are good but it just didn't work for me last night. One reason was certainly the fact that I had just seen Nile & company create, not recreate, a great concert on that very stage. Another was that every difference between the Tramp's performance and that of the E Street band seemed to irk me more than it should have. The crowd was loving it. It was a slightly younger crowd than that of the night before which made it quite a bit younger than me. Many had yet to be born in 1984 and others way too young to have seen that 1984 E Street lineup. This was close enough and part of me wanted to agree with them and just enjoy the music but, as I said, it just didn't work. Sorry, Tramps, it's not you, it's me.

The shortage of light means the photos from tonight's walk to the motel are still pretty grainy even though there is no fog. Of course this walk took place about four hours earlier than last night's did. .

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