Day 2: August 3, 2008
The Sound and the Ferry
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Before heading off to Fletcher's, I checked out Silverdale's waterfront a bit further south than I walked last evening. I have no idea what the three "sculptures on a stick" are.

Today's destination was the aquarium and that meant a ferry ride across Puget Sound. It's quite a while before Seattle comes into view and, even after it does, there is ample time for photographs.

The already huge Seattle Aquarium was enlarged in 2007 so even area native Kayla had something new to see. The aquarium sets right on Puget Sound with many displays making direct use of its salt water. In one area, visitors are allowed to touch - carefully and with one finger - many small sea creatures. A long ramp follows a salmon ladder upward then continues to emerge from the top of the building. The fortuitous timing of our climb provided us with a view of the Blue Angels, in town for Seafair, as we stood looking over the sound.

After the aquarium, we did a little shopping for Noah's Halloween costume...

...and roamed through Ye Olde Curiosity Shop. Ohioan J.E. Standley started this operation in 1899.

With guidance from first Kayla then Fletcher, I did get a picture of Mount Rainier. It had been cloudy when I drove from SeaTac yesterday and I had a little trouble with direction today.

You may have noticed little Fletcher taking pictures throughout the day. Here is some of his handiwork starting with a shot of Grandpa with a Space Needle on his shoulder.

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