August 31, 1999

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559 4600 Miles
to Bowling Green
4426 from home (616 straight line)

The world is whole again even if a little tape is required to keep all of the pieces in place. Mike's Towing did a great job of retrieving the car without added damage and Findlay Chevrolet got the car roadworthy in a most timely fashion. I was able to pick up Denny R in Phoenix in the Corvette and we are ready to start caravanning. Poor John not only had his trip cut short on both ends but had to spend an afternoon throwing rocks in the Arizona sun. Offers of a ride to BG from some of the SoCal caravaners is much appreciated.

If anyone cares about the mileage numbers on this page, they come from several sources. For Cincinnati to Chicago and LA to BG, I've used numbers from automatically generated routes from TripPlanner98. Outbound numbers, including mid-points, are from Jack Rittenhouse's 1946 book. The source of the "from" numbers are the odometer and a GPS unit.

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