August 25, 1999

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2760 4600 Miles
to Bowling Green
2224 from home (1366 straight line)

We have had a successful rendezvous and the number of vehicle occupants has doubled. I left Cincinnati with St Louis as a target but we soon realized that was wishful thinking. Over the last few day, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Amarillo have all been possibilities. John has now vanquished the cyber-demons and we've connected in Albuquerque. Best warn the mothers and sheriffs between here and the coast.

If anyone cares about the milage numbers on this page, they come from several sources. For Cincinnati to Chicago and LA to BG, I've used numbers from automatically generated routes from TripPlanner98. Outbound numbers, including mid-points, are from Jack Rittenhouse's 1946 book. The source of the "from" numbers are the odometer and a GPS unit.

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