Peeking in
on the start of an adventure
Ray Ehly, Jr.'s 2003 Z06 awaiting its owner at the NCM

I grabbed this picture last night, Tuesday, before I went to bed. I figured I would watch the delivery and get a few more screen captures today. I checked it out when I got to work and peeked in every quarter hour or so. I flipped through the cameras and watched morning come to Bowling Green. I caught glimpses of museum visitors admiring the car and noticed changes in the lighting as the day progressed. A little before 2:30 EST, I looked in on the web-cam and saw a yellow Corvette being maneuvered about the area. I instantly perked up then noticed that the car on the screen was a coupe - not an FRC Z06. I missed Ray picking up his car. I don't even know if Ray was there. Don't know if he drove it out or if an NCM employee (Adam?) steered it through the overhead door. Sorry I missed it, Ray, but lots of driving remains and I wish you the best of luck with every mile.

The "decoy"